Work Order Program

The Work Order Program is designed to facilitate DC companies’ access to the China market. DC Center China offers a range of “general services” to participating DC companies which are pre-screened and referred to the DC Center China office by DMPED. DC Center China will serve up to 25 work orders per year for DC businesses, each work order may request up to 3 services, and each work order will receive up to 30 hours of free customized consulting services.


Work Order Services include:

  ♦ Professional Customized Services:


                       • Agent/ Rep/ Distributor Contacts

                       • Competitive Analysis/ Pricing Evaluation

                       • Foreign Company Background Check

                       • JV/ Alliance Partner Contacts

                       • Licenses

                       • Market Entry Strategy

                       • Market Overview/ ProductOverview

                       • Marketing & Promotional Literature Review


                       • Certifications/ Standards/ Regulatory Requirements

                       • Industry Contact/ Trade Shows

                       • Patent/ Copyright/ Trademark

                       • Translations

                       • Trade Lead Assistance

    ♦ Logistical Support

         Trade Events & Travel

                       • In-Country Appointment

                       • In-Country Logistics Assistance

                       • Trade Event Assistance

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