Envoy Program

If a company desires additional services beyond the 30 hours of free work provided under the scope of the Work Order Program, the DC Center China can be contracted on an as need basis through a private, fee-for-service agreement with the company.Services are customizable, but generally expand upon services offered by the Work Order Program.


The Envoy Program was created to provide low-cost services to American companies wanting to expand and gain a physical presence in the China market. Establishing a direct corporate presence internationally requires a great deal of specialized knowledge, local management and oversight. The services provided by DC Center China’s Envoy Program help DC companies build a high-performance, low cost, and low risk marketing and sales presence in China.


Envoy services are ideal for companies who are:

• New to the China Market
• Established international companies who may not yet have enough China revenues to justify a full-time

  China office
• Established firms with existing China operations to share business center facilities

Envoy services provide the following value-added functions:

A Knowledgeable, Informed Partner:  

  We have 15 years experience helping companies penetrate the China  market and provide

  continuous  management oversight to insure a high quality work product.

Customized Solutions: 

  Each business works with DC Center China to develop a work plan tailored to the needs and

  business  strategy of their company.

Representation at a fraction of the cost:  

  Envoy fees vary according to the required skill sets and the time commitment needed,

  however, shared overhead and operational costs result in a very cost efficient and flexible value proposition

  for American companies.

Minimized Risk:

  Envoy representatives can serve as legal on-the-ground employees of the Shanghai office, thereby freeing

  DC companies from the legal obligations, costs and risks associated with owning foreign entities and

  hiring foreign nationals directly.


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